Sat here, now, in the dry and in the warmth of an all but brief burst of sunshine it is easy to forget how much we go through in Landscape Photography. The rain, snow, fog wind and cold all prey on our stamina, as well as our mental toughness and it, could be all too easy to sit inside and moan. However, when we are out in the weather, and let's face it the best images come at strange times of day and in the seemingly most inclement weather...
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I want to write a little about this. I used to watch an American artist use the phrase Promoting Passion as her theme for all her youtube video's and I watched them trying to understand what she was talking about. Yes, she was very passionate about her subject and her craft and produced some outstanding images but what was she really talking about. I am passionate about music, I love the skill and expertise that goes into making music. I love...
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Dividing Lines

A short distance from my house lies the River Ouse. Walking along it there is a small wooden bridge, quite unspectacular in its own way, all it does is cross a stream to one side it is overgrown the other goes to the river, but to my mind, it is a line. A dividing line between work, family, day to day responsibilities, the difference between civilisation and wilderness, not a proper wilderness but the start, which gives a huge sense of...
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