The River Great Ouse

The dark inky waters of the River Great Ouse flow by, such a cliché, but in this case, it happens to be true. Small clumps of broken reeds move past, making their way on the soft flow, bobbing on the gentle undulations of the water. Mosquitoes dart around while under the surface of the water fish, make small rings that expand outwards as they try to catch the flitting insects. Here, next to the sluice, it is quiet. Not so much quiet but all...
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Am I Competent Enough?

Am I Competent Enough? This is a question that rolls around my head every time I think of quitting my job and going it alone. Am I good enough to follow my passion, give up a well paid, well semi, well-paid job. Give up a car, pension. To become reliant on my ability as a photographer. Bearing in mind there are about 20 Wedding photographers in my town alone. I do not particularly want to do weddings but this is the road I am being pushed. I...
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Ouse fens

The Ouse Fens Nature reserve is approx 10 min drive to the car park, so fairly local to me. However the hike to where I wanted to go is about an hour and and half.  Carrying gear. The reserve is a collaboration between Hanson and the RSPB. Basically gravel pits that are slowly being tranformed into one of the largest wetlands in the country. Pretty cool. I have been there a couple of times before once on a very very wet day the other late...
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About This Image 1

Fire In The Sky   About This Image. On the evening of the hottest day of the year I decided to go out with my gear to take an image. The sky was clear and the image I wanted required very low sunlight. The Low sun picks out all the branches of the trees with a red hue that looks stunning. I live not far from a river and the lock that is there is fairly heavily used, but I thought it would be worth a visit even so just in case. However at...
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Trials and Tribulations

It is now 4 months since I decided to become a photographer that earns a living from taking photographs. Why the phrase professional photographer is so difficult to use I do not know. I think it is because I dont consider myself a proffesional photographer yet. What they don't tell you about all this, although some allude to it, is the work that goes on behind the scenes. Not just taking images and hoping but getting your name out there in...
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New Camera?

Finally done it. You have your new camera and it sits quietly waiting for you to pick it up. Switch it on and take some awesome images show off to your friends and family. Well no, not really. The camera sits there and you look at it and the first thing you see are buttons. Mine has 11 on the back A dial on the top LH top plate and LCD screen on RH top plate more buttons a couple of dials a huge screen on the back plus a few more down the side...
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