One of, if not the most important decision that anyone will make regarding their images is exposure. Does your image appear to light or too dark? does it have the full tonal range you want? However, it is not just a case of getting the exposure right. It has to be right for you and what you want to say about your subject and how you, and others relate to it. Tripod It is generally accepted that there are 3 main facets to exposure these...
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    Where Have the Butterflies gone? Years ago, When I was young, I lived in Birmingham. I had a friend, yes, I actually had friends back then, who had a Buddleia in his garden. Commonly known as the butterfly bush. Every summer we would gather around this bush identifying all the butterflies that gathered on it. Peacock, Small tortoiseshell, Painted Lady, plus others. We noted them down, looked and at the end of summer when the...
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Richard Rawlings

  I am not that Richard Rawlings. That Richard Rawlings owns a very successful car business in Dallas called Gas Monkey. He has a show called Fast and Loud. He has a lot more money than I do and is already known. The only commonality we have is we both enjoy a beer or 3. So if you have made it here because of the name. Really sorry but not Richard Rawlings car guy, Richard Rawlings, UK photographer. Now what I could do is spend the...
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A Different Perspective

We are all photographers now. We all have cameras in our pockets and this means that we have to have a different perspective in order to get our work noticed. But what does this actually mean for landscape photographers? This Genre is one of the most subscribed in photography. Youtube is full of videos that just highlight the landscape. In some cases, they are not actually Landscape Photographers in their own right but a wedding, commercial...
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Preparation for a Trip

    The following is my personal preparation for a trip, normally a day. STOP. Before I go any further I want to make it clear this is what I take.  If you follow this list and get into problems I can not be held responsible. Part of any preparation for a trip is understanding what you will be getting into and how to deal with it and come out the other side. Actually, don't follow this list this is my list. Make your own...
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The mainstay of Photography is Light. In its many forms and, either being present or absent on images we all use light to "draw " on the sensor. To give us our images.  However light is very transient. To give you an idea of this I was lying on my bed looking out of the window. It was a quiet night and I had not gone out, time constraints and level of tiredness had something to do with this and the "I can't be bothered" syndrome. The...
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