Doing Stuff

It's dead easy to be a photographer. Go out, take some images and you're done. Doing Stuff. Right! What stuff exactly if you want to make a living at it? Point 1 Just going out and hoping that your images are good enough to sell and make a living from is just, well impractical. I have been doing this for 40 years now and I feel that I am just starting to produce work that is acceptable.  You have to get your name out there and that means...
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Start A Photography Business?

So, you want to start a Photography Business? Something I am in the throes of doing. I have pages of thoughts and questions that relate to this and, as a result, I may come back to it as I put them out there for discussion and condemnation. Taking Good Images You would have thought this was a prerequisite for any budding photography business. Apparently not. A mediocre photographer can be more successful than an accomplished one just because of...
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First Day of Autumn

I Love this time of year. The First Day of Autumn. Officially, as I write this it is the 21 September and is the Autumn Equinox and heralds shortening of days longer nights and the start of a colder time of year. I am sat next to the river again. It feels different. Each day always feels different as the season's move. Days change but tonight it feels palpable. Weather A light grey monotone covering of cloud has rolled in and fills the sky...
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  You have sent off one of your photographs for a critique. To get other peoples opinions on the quality of your image.  let me ask you. What are they judging? Peter Coulson In one of his youtube videos, he says that he does not review other images. He qualifies this by saying that he was not there at the time the photographer pressed the button. This means he can not see what the photographer saw. He cannot understand what the...
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Off The Grid?

    I want to say that I have been off the Grid for 8 days but this is simply not true. With the exception of 30 mins just outside Bridge of Orchy, I have had phone signal the entire time. What I want to ask is if this is symptomatic of our country that you can't walk 100 miles across Scotland and still be able to talk to people and navigate by phone. Perhaps it's not that at all we all depend on phones but, to be honest, getting...
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Dawn to Dusk

Not to be confused with Dusk till Dawn, which is a vampire movie starring George Clooney, not a bad movie but poor ending. This relates to Dawn to Dusk. Normally a person of the late evening it was my first trip out before sunrise for several months. There are a few things I thought I would share with you. Quiet In a different way to the evening this was the quiet of a potential day. Everything just waking up. Except for the Cows which were...
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