A big hello and warm welcome.

I’m Richard and this is about me, the photo above was taken on the Great Wall of China but subsequent hikes have been on Kilimanjaro and Scotland as well so you can guess I like being outdoors.

I have been doing this for over 40 years, and to say that the beginning was simple would not be an understatement. One fully manual camera body with one lens and not much money, move on 40 years more gear still not much money, So why do it?

It started in Wales next to Snowden when I was presented with this black box with film inside. I didn’t know what was happening an Aunt said look up there, take that, make sure you get some foreground. The very first image I took was of a cloud-covered Mt Snowden. I can remember it well I can still see the pale print that I produced. But I was captured.

Time passes with no money and no film was bought. Until I got hold of my first SLR fully manual one screw fit lens and, I could afford to buy film. FP4 and HP5 were my favorites and I spent many months with mates exploring the Devon countryside. I produced rubbish but I also learned a lot.

The life of that camera came to an end. Dropped outside Taunton Railway station as I was moving to East Anglia. Where I have been for the past 35 years. Since then I have exclusively used Nikon Cameras. I was in awe of the photographers who captured great images. They all used Nikon so why shouldn’t I. Still have my first Nikon Camera, it sits on a shelf behind me and sometimes I even run film through it.

So through marriage, house, and kids plus a number of day jobs I have kept this faint dream alive that one day I would be able just to walk, take images and be paid for them.

That is still a dream, The dream!

Kit List

For those of you who are interested, this is my kit list:

• Nikon D610 (love this camera body)
• Nikon D800
• Nikkor. 24-70mm f2.8 zoom my Workhorse lens
• Nikkor. 70 – 200mm f4. Do not need the f2.8 beside the latter weighs a ton and hiking with one would be a bit of an issue
•  Nikkor. 18 – 35mm zoom. Not as wide as I would like but serves me well
• Sigma 105mm Macro. Use more of a short telephoto than a macro.
• Sekonic light meter
• Manfroto carbon fibre tripod with Arca swiss head for l brackets
• Collection of Lee Filters. May change these though
• All carried in and F stop Bag. Big and comfortable I can carry it for hours before the weigh gets me.


Being outdoors is so cool. There is such a sense of freedom and connection. Connection with who and what we are. Seeing how what we do impacts the world around us. Just listening to the birds at dawn. Or just sitting, watching the setting sun. Feeling the rain, the wind. Watching the gathering storm clouds seeing how they change. How they develop. Hearing the thunder overhead. Or just sitting listening to the rain on the water. We have lost this connection over the years and it is so important that we regain it. If nothing else for our own mental health. Only thing is that in saying this everyone will go and I will have to hike further to find those quiet spots. Those peaceful moments

I love the outdoors, and I love being outdoors, I want to bring this sense of wonder, passion and emotion to you via my images.

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